Ultimate Lamb

For your ultimate lamb experience, we offer you the opportunity to follow your lamb from birth to your table.

Every lamb on our farm has a face and a name and we love each and respect each. If you want to have the ultimate knowledge of your lamb and where he comes from, we can do that for you.

We believe in living in harmony and balance with our animals. We honor each and every one individually.

When we prepare our lambs we thank them for providing for our family. We slaughter them humanely and quickly. We adamantly will not let them be afraid or anxious. It is all part of the cycle of life, but it needs to be done with humanity and humility toward nature.

When you buy your ultimate lamb, we will provide you with pictures from time to time of your lamb and general information on how they are growing and maturing. You can specify when you want your lamb prepared. For an additional cost you can even get the fleece, tanned and prepared naturally here on the farm.

We believe strongly in using the entire sheep from the tail to the bleet.

Call us for prices and more details at (541) 836 7705.

Sweet Baby out with his siblings.